My husband Mark 8/26/61 – 1/11/19

Why is the question
I silently ask
The smile on my face     
a pretentious mask

With my grief hidden   
just barely behind
This search for answers   
lends no peace of mind

My spirit is crushed     
my heart lies broken
Yet not a word, Lord,      
from You was spoken

Tell me just one thing     
’cause I need to know
Who set this as time     
that home he should go?   

Why give me this man     
to complete my life
Whom I dearly loved     
and became his wife

Just to turn around    
and take him away?  
Why couldn’t You wait     
’til some later day?

Now I look around     
for somewhere to hide
From facing the truth     
my whole world has died!

Until we meet again, rest in peace my love, your pain is now over.

          Teresa Marie          2/1/19

2 thoughts on “Why?

    1. Thank you Randy! It was quite a shock to us all when Mark passed away. He had a heart condition diagnosed about 5 years ago and in January he caught pneumonia. It was more than he could fight back from. We will feel his loss for many years to come! My faith remains unshaken but I am still upset with God for taking him so soon (even though we were married for 14 years). I appreciate your comment. Blessings, Terri


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